Green Tree Python

A small finely-scaled species, a slender snake with a broad triangular head and very long straight teeth. Most specimens are predominantly green and patterned with blue and/or white scales arranged as lines, ocelli freckles, or triangles. Hatchlings and juveniles are colored banana-yellow or in shades of rust red or dark orange-red.

This is an elegant small python, the most arboreal of all the pythons. Specimens are rarely seen resting off a raised perch. This species has extremely long, straight teeth. Imported specimens have a mixed record, there is considerable mortality and few imported females ever breed. Most captive-bred specimens are hardy creatures with few special requirements. Hatchlings can be difficult to start feeding ad are not considered to be an appropriate snake for a beginner. Many captive-raised specimens become very tame and trustworthy.

There are available today green tree pythons from a variety of localities, both imported and captive-bred. There are genuine differences of color and pattern between the many of the populations. VPI is working with green tree pythons from several localities in Irian Jaya, including Sorong, Timika, and Merauke, and from Biak Island and the Aru islands.