Carpet Python

The carpet python, is a species of medium to large semi-arboreal pythons. They are often found near people where they perform a useful service by eating rats and other vermin. They are largely nocturnal, but can also be diurnal. They are found in Australia and New Guinea.

Most forms have intricate markings made up of light and dark bands on a background of gray or a version of brown. All have triangular heads with a conspicuous row of heat pits in the scales around the mouth. Of those listed here, coastal carpet pythons, M. s. mcdowelli are the largest, regularly attaining lengths of 9-10 feet. Irian Jaya carpet pythons are the smallest, averaging lengths of 4-6 feet. The average adult length is roughly 2 m (6.5 feet).

Carpet pythons are often referred to beginners as an ideal first pet snake. Although they can grow to a reasonable size and can be nippy as hatchlings, most will grow into docile, trustworthy adults. Males are typically smaller than females of the same species, and are a wise choice for those looking for a slightly smaller adult animal.