Piebald Persian Rats

Scientific Name: Elaphe persica (Werner, 1913)
Common Names: Persian Ratsnake
Size: 70 to 90 cm (up to 120 cm)
Distribution: NW Iran near the Caspian Sea, SE tip of Azerbaijan (around Lenkoran)
Other Info: Elaphe persica is a small ratsnake that for many years was considered a subspecies of E. longissima. It was granted full species status in 1984, Nilson and Andrew.
E. persica is found in many habitats including moderately moist forests and forest clearings with little vegetation at higher elevations. They seem to like to rest above ground so provide with a spacious terrarium with some climbing branches.
There are three color phases, a light phase, mostly greyish in color, a melanistic phase, and a reddish phase. Only a few specimens have been recorded with the reddish-brown color, and they seems to be rarer.
A clutch of 4-8 eggs hatch after 45-55 days of incubation. A hibernation period of 2-3 months is recommended. Males seem to grow larger than females.