Mandarin Ratsnake

Scientific Name: Elaphe mandarina

Common Names: Mandarin Rat, Jade Snake

Size: Approximately six to eight inches long at birth, they average four feet in length as adults, some specimens may attain five feet in length, and there are a few records of six-foot specimens.

Distribution: Mandarin Rat Snakes are found mostly in the mountains of south China. They can also be found in the mountain forests of Burma, Vietnam, North East India, and Taiwan.

Other Info:Elaphe mandarina is a small to medium, heavy built snake for the advanced keeper. Thousands of WC animals are imported to the US and Europe every year, for many years and very few of these animals survive. CB babies have become available in recent years.
E. mandarina are known to inhabit montane forests and agricultural areas. They seem to prefer higher altitudes and cooler temperatures. A very secretive snake, that spends most of its time in burrows searching for its favorite prey of young rodents. Provide with a loose substrate with good hiding places. This snake is very shy and may go for long periods of time without eating.
They are active in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Hibernate for 2-4 months, breeding in the spring, 3-12 eggs requiring 48-55 days of incubation. Schulz (1996) observed "combat bouts" between males at breeding time. E. mandarina is unquestionably one of the most beautiful of all ratsnakes.